flash messaging
With this app you can send morse messages with your LED/screen light; also you can read messages so you can communicate with friends or strangers

If your phone have a LED light then make two finger tap to toggle the LED light

Works best in the low light environments

Can message outdoors or indoors, in the woods, in disco, one to one or one to many.

You can scream without the noise, just make a message and anyone curious who sees you could read it.

no network connection required 

no 3G, no wifi, no bluetooth pairing, no setup, no contact list, no numbers or IDs - just write the message and tap WRITE, or point your camera's phone to the morse light to read messages

Enjoy and don't forget to rate this app!

anti-mosquito Alarm Clock
The anti-mosquito function is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide full anti-mosquito functionality as some mosquitoes doesn't react at high frequency sounds.

every thing you need for a quiet good night sleep

clock with different hue of colors
alarm clock
weather and forecast
anti-mosquito sound

flashlight tools
every tool you need from light

clasic flashlight
colored flashlight with color picker
write morse code with light (LED or screen)
read light morse code messages with your phone's camera
dancelight for your disco nights
strobolight to get the party started


night dock
every thing you need for a night

clock with different hue of colors
alarm clock
weather and forecast
relaxation music from radio
relaxation sounds (beach, birdsForest, birdsSeaguls, creek, fire, forest, fountain, rain, waterfall)

wifi hacker
This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true Wi-Fi hacking abilities.

this app contains the default passwords for most known routers, the top 200 common likely passwords, and contains a prank for your friends

prank your friends on how this app easily 'hack' almost any Wi-Fi router...


clash of fans
the battle has never been so fierce

you fans, fight and vote for your celebrity and get to the to of the most fanatics

the red carpet has never been so populated

8-bit plane
simple game avoiding obstacles

enjoy the retro look

counter VS terrorist
it is a mastermind game

you have to guess the 4 different digit number

every time you ask you can see how many digits are guessed and in place (green bullets) and how many digits are guessed but not in place (red bullets)

and there is  
counter VS terrorist theme, that means a terrorist plant a bomb and if a counter defuse the bomb(get the code) in less moves/less time then wins otherwise looses

cloudy bird
tap to flap your wings left and right avoiding the clouds


slappy bird
tap to fly the bird and avoid obstacles

with hi-scores and sharring

Floppy Bird
flying floppy bird

flap your wings to pass the obstacles

iTools (intelligent Tools)
intelligent tools (iTools) is a collection of very useful tools that you can have in your pocket

flashlight - a cool looking picker for your color to shine

mosquito repellent
- your friend in summer with variable frequency(from 17Khz to 21Khz) to range out all mosquito species and the innovative moonlight trap;
- with timer up to 27 minutes and infinite

-simple tool for your speed
-alert you when you are over speed limit (set by moving the red line)
-show the current speed(orange) and max speed(green)
-km/h and mph

-cool looking leveler with center bubble and line for degrees

money talks
This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true car remote functionality. 

talk to money and money talk back
can sign on the bill
can save your 1 million bill with your face on it!

View Inside The Matrix
With this app your phone will have the power to view the source code of any site.

Just enter the url and the code is revealed instantly after loading.

the code is public HTML code.

Speed Test your Phone
Test your phone against others and see which is better.

enjoy the animations of the test

see world's phone rankings, and check if you have the best phone!

tune your phone until you score best!

Valentine's Lamp
enjoy your Valentine's romantic time with this special flashlight!

set the love mood..

Crush The Elements / Frog&fly / Top Face Likes / Touches / Text It / FREE Wi-Fi / where is Santa?
Crush The Elements
since the beginning of time there was basic element which forge the world as we know today
match elements and choose the right path to evolve through levels

frog catches flies
fun and addictive
more levels more fun
and if you want more turn on your GPS and go on maps to play in game spots!

Photo Top Likes
see beautiful photos or find out how good looking are yours
just connect to facebook to get votes and race to the top 
vote photos you like to get more points for your photo


A challenging game with over 30 levels, inspired by the speed of touch.
Be sharp with your senses and thouch fast with aim
Be accurate and complete levels
Be the best and compete with the world on in game-spots on maps.
May the speed be with you!

Text It!
texts on maps!
probably the first extrasocial on maps application!
interact with people outside your friends through messages left on locations.

check out where FREE WI-Fi hot-spots locations are!
contribute with your own discoveries and see more locations near you!

Where is Santa?
The app that prove Santa exists!
You can see where Santa has been seen. 
If you see it press the "HERE is Santa" button for the world to know Santa exists!

apps powered by  YOM! (YOM! made with Nokia HERE REST API - You On Maps!)

Blow The Whistle
you don't know how to whistle?

either way don't worry because this is the app for you!

whistle in different tones and WOLF WHISTLE!

works every time!


lie detector
detect lies by holding your finger in the scan zone...

*change of correct result is 50%

Stratosphere Jump
wanna skydive? wanna see the world from stratosphere?

this game will virtually get you there

jump from 10.000m 20.0000 30.000 or even 40.000 to break the record!

watch out because you gotta keep it steady...

Scratch Detector
Helps detect scratches in your screen

The app works by moving a special designed vertical/horizontal/oblique pattern which highlight the scratches!

The app starts with AUTO mode and by tapping you enter MANUAL mode where you can chose the pattern and swipe the screen to find scratches.

works best with retina display!

can be used to detecting other impurities on your screen.

hope not to find any scratch in your screen

Car Key
best prank!

wanna show off with your phone?
be confident, launch the app pushing the buttons

watch your friends be amazed how you can open your car (ofcourse it doesn't work if you don't press the real car key too)

can prank friends when near a car, holding the red panic button...


Cut The Wire
can you save the world today?
can you keep calm and cut the wire?

awesome graphics and live-wires.

play and cut to the world's TOP 10.

fly a paperPlane and make awesome artwork!

this is a FULL FREE APP, that means: all functions, without ads, no internet connection required...

fly with a paper-plane and make incredible art works, and see your work in a 3D space where you can rotate to catch awesome angles for your exported pictures!

play and make awesome 3D paintings, then you can use them to personalize your phone

cool 5 brushes: fire, green smoke, colored stars, bubbles and dots

and of course you can save as jpeg image file!



leveler tool
simple and efficient leveler tool

one tap ON, one tap OFF

gold pack tools

silver pack tools
4 tools in one: 
-any color Flashlight (with RGB chooser)
-all mosquitoes Sonic Repellent (one sound with multiple fraqvencies between 16Khz and 18Khz)
-Speed0meter (with speed-limit warning)
-Leveler (with planar bubble)

*latest firmware required!

Find The Treasure
be careful where you step because it might be a trap!

make your way to the bottom of the map where the next clue/treasure is

let's start the adventure!

be the best explorer and enter the global top...

Lucky App
your amulet of luck is here...

have fun and play this game, find as quick as possible the four-leaf clover and enter the global TOP

you play, and get a lucky number...

measure your speed anywhere, anytime... walking, running, on bike, in car

one tap ON, one tap OFF

Talking Monster
Monsters are not creepy anymore...

make this little cute monster talk and have fun...

Mosquito Sonic Repellent
enjoy summer without mosquitos

the app emit sounds that repel the mosquitos


speed (11players)
do you have what it takes for football?

do you have skills?

do you have the speed skill in you?

train your speed skill to gain experience and enter the global top!

arcade and simulation modes!

how to play: you have to kick every ball to make points; miss a ball the game is over...

Cats VS Dogs
Are you a cat person or a dog person? either way, this is a game for you...

Enter the battle between cats and dogs, with different levels and weapons, bosses and funny graphics.

play and enter the global top, and see who is winning... cats or dogs?

Defuse The Bomb
logic game where you got to defuse as many bombs as you can...

puzzle game with 3 levels: normal, hard, expert.

defuse as many bombs in a row as you can to enter the global top.

for support please contact at: support@shpe.ro

Talking Dragon
your next favorite toy

An application for your fun...

You can play with the dragon heads by moving them, rub the belly. on any tap over a head the dragon start talking something...

For any questions and issues please write to support@shpe.ro or leave a comment below...


Romantic Flash Light
flashlight for the ones in love...

one tap to light up, one tap to light down...

Unlimited popping balloons. Level up as you play and keep the popping as long as you can... 

Easy, Medium, Hard levels of difficultyes...

play until make a certain number of mistakes. The number of mistakes allowed increase as you play more...

the balloons comes in waves. 
alternative: once you have to avoid a certain color, once you have to pop only that color..

-when you have to only get a certain color balloons a mistake is when you don't pop a balloon of that color... when you pop another color you only lose points....
-when you have to avoid a certain color balloons, a mistake is when you pop a balloon of that color... when you lose another color balloon you only lose points....

global top for best poppers!

Break Down The Wall
You have to break down the wall as fast as you can, brick by brick or even faster as you will play and get more experience.

With levels and global top for the best  demolitioners.

Crazy Fingers
Take the Crazy Fingers through the missions and engage zombie fingers and fist bosses.

Awesome characters, great fun, multiple levels to unlock, global top.

Danger Detector
3 in 1: 

RADIATION detector
ALIEN detector
DANGER detector

Prank your friends with this fake detector. Slide your finger across the screen to trick your friends about dangers.

The Three Seconds of Touchesget it!
are you the fastest?

you got 3 seconds! 

tap as fast as you can to make your score the best!

11players (juggle)get it!
Try to juggle the ball as long as you can.
Two modes: arcade and simulation.
With global TOP jugglers. more...

Smoke Wheelsget it!
Cars speeding in your mobile drifting on the tracks with tire burning into smoke. Unlock tracks and cars to have more fun. Global top 10. More tracks to come.

There is no smoke without tire!

7 Wonder Tools (7 in 1)
7 in 1 tools: max Bright flashLight, Leveler, Universal Converter(over 300 units), System Information, Anti-Human sound, universal Anti-Dog Sound, universal Anti-Mosquito sound.

Max Bright flashLight: white screen with RGB color chooser.
Leveler: with space theme and horizontal XY bubble.
Universal Converter: Angle, Area, Bits & Bytes, Density, Electric Current, Energy, Force, Fuel Consumption, Length, Mass, Power, Pressure, Speed, Temperature, Time, Volume.
System Information: watch with total/free memory space.
Anti-Human sound: anoing sound for humans.
Anti-dog sound: all in one (20KHz-30KHz).
Anti-Mosquito sound: all in one (17KHz-20KHz)more...

7 Seconds of Touches
You have to touch phone's screen as many times as you can in 7 seconds and enter the global TOP of the fastest touchers!more...

Guess The Number
You have to guess a number between 0 and 9 for level 1, 0 and 99 for level 2 and so on. Do this in fewer tries and you will get hi in the global TOP

Shell Game

It's a shell game; you have to guess where the pink pee is afther the shells are mixed.

Has levels. As the level increase the number of moves and speed increase. Get to certain levels to unlock more shells and stereo mode.

There is also a endurance game where you can let the mix run as long as you got your eye on the shell with the pee. the more you last the better score in TOP you'll have.

Global TOP for best players.

Game Impossible

your impossible task is to guess a number between 1 and 10 for level 1, 1 and 100 level 2 and so on... unlimited levels, global top with impossibles

Colored Flashlight
Easy and efficient bright colored flashlight!

One click to turn it on, one click to turn it off. 

Probably the best flashlight available.

do you have the speed in your finger?

this is the app to prove it! be fast in ONE second, touching as many times you can, and enter the world's top speed fingers.

may the speed be with you!

for any problems, questions or support please contact us at support@shpe.ro


logic game where you have to make as many intersections as you can with given number of points. chose the optimal path for a LASER beam to make many intersections

fastest five (drag race)
An application for you to have a drag race for your phone!

 are you a the fastest shifter?  

make the perfect shifts!

global top shifters of the day shifters!

Gone In 60 Touches

are you the fastest? make the fastest 60 touches and you will be first in world's top.


download: http://store.ovi.com/content/122244

fart piano: now the farts sounds musical...

Vuvuzela Piano

vuvuzela piano, play your team's song in vuvuzela sounds

radioactive Detector

fake detect radioactivity

paint on the sky by waving the phone twards the sky, then check the phone's screen to see what you have paint; you can paint with clouds, stars and ribbon; then you can send by email, or save the picture from browser...more...

QuickDraw ShootOut game where your pistol is your phone. Hold your phone down, and at the signal point aim and shoot. You can do shootout with your friends anytime or you can do global shootout when minutes hits 00 o'clock. Global top-scores with worlds fastest hand. 


when shootout wait with your phone down (with the top of the phone toward the ground)
If you don't have the phone in the right position you will hear a beep every second. In this wait position when the countdown is over you will hear a high-pitch beep. Then you must level the phone(screen up)
and as fast as you can tap the target as bulseyed as you can. Tap this text to cancel

QuickDraw ShootOut game where your pistol is your phone. 

Hold your phone down, and at the signal point aim and shoot. 

You can do shootout with your friends anytime or you can do global shootout when minutes hits 00 o'clock. 

Global top-scores with worlds fastest hand.

are you the fastest? prove it! tap as fast as you can to make your score the best!more...

piano with animal sounds. Let the fun begin! mouse, cat, dog and cow musical notes.more...

watch how your paint start living on your phone's screen.more...

Finger's Fury
tap as fast as you can... it is March, so you have 3 seconds! with world hi-scores!more...

Frag Phones on Maps!

see HERE users around the globe plaing...


probably the first location based massive multi-player role play game (LBMMORPG) with phones - the new type of game/entertainment.

each player earn experience by virtually picking up items from vicinity of your locations (max 200m away), or do virtual jobs in your vicinity, or virtual shoot with other players in your vicinity, upgrade weapons, upgrade your skills, make friends to train with, and soon gang fight in weekends

Let's frag some!

Your phone with claws! 

just make some scratches and save the image as a wallpaper, share or send by email.more...

you against the world!
your answers against the world's answers!

How usual are you?

How different are you?
Answer questions, see how other answered and see how usual or different are you.
Daily questions, growing database...
Monthly tops and cash prizes payable via paypal. More users bigger prizes.

Stop the Time (timeFreeze)
A dexterity game. You have to stop the time at a precise time. Modes available: 1 time, 10 times and timeless. With online global hi-scores coming soon.more...

MAX Bright Flashlight
just an app with a white screen...
could be used as flashlight in the dark...

airPunch (formerly powerPhone)

measure your air punch, challenge your friends, and keep track of your scores. air punch, and endurance exercises.

use your phone to count your power training exercises
-different types of exercises
-keep track of your evolution

your phone can be used as a powerball, as a dumbbell and make really fast exercises in endurance... you'll see 10seconds is very much...


before painting make sure you answered YES to the network connection(because the complex image is made on a server), and YES for allowing app to access user data.

: soon free on OVI

airPainter1 free on OVI: http://store.ovi.com/search?q=airpainter
more than 400000 downloads in first 20 days!

press START hold your phone as a remote and paint something in the sky, press STOP then check the screen of your phone... 

instant artwork, then send your image to your email

and all that for FREE!
waiting feedback in comments and support@shpe.ro . I'm continuous updating the app (layout, and functionality - I will consider your feedback)

and 10x for downloading...



added drifting & track graphics
download as an widget (with icon in apps)
- SYM and AIR control tunning; more tracks(maybe with online download); online highscores;
- online tracks - about 10Kb/track (update your list of tracks without installing again)
- online high-score
- maybe multi-player over internet

downloads so far:

developed in flashlite - the perfect developer environment for multimedia applications - what a phone need

it's a racing game

it is still demo

the main functions (3 way to control) are developed; still need more tunning...

TOUCH control: you touch the screen and the car goes where you touch; the further the touch the faster it gets
SYM control: hold the phone in landscape mode and drive like a wheel; touch the screen for gas
AIR control: hold your phone like on wall and drive on the wall; touch the screen for gas


iPics (formerly 11pix, iPM) - interactive Pictures Manager for mobiles - your photos, your show!




save DONE
-ignore photos with no thumbnail - DONE
-rename groups - DONE
-grid/chaos order toggle - done
-64 by 64 photos load (64 then groups of 64) - DONE - with no photosession-day breaking
-memory indicator warning - just indicator
-zoomIn/zoomOut view - done
-settings - done
-slideshow - 3 difrent animations

downloads so far(previous version):

based on concept: multi-touch alternative for single-touch mobile devices - zoom/rotate/pan control


(sorry for the bad english)


employee @ ilook
you can go to interactivelook.ro site to see stuff...