iPics (formerly 11pix, iPM) - interactive Pictures Manager for mobiles - your photos, your show!




save DONE
-ignore photos with no thumbnail - DONE
-rename groups - DONE
-grid/chaos order toggle - done
-64 by 64 photos load (64 then groups of 64) - DONE - with no photosession-day breaking
-memory indicator warning - just indicator
-zoomIn/zoomOut view - done
-settings - done
-slideshow - 3 difrent animations

downloads so far(previous version):

based on concept: multi-touch alternative for single-touch mobile devices - zoom/rotate/pan control


(sorry for the bad english)


s60 5th - ActionScript Media Management Service API used for getting PathAndFileName
latest FL needed (version 3.1)
latest firmware V21.0.025
demo on Nokia 5800 Express Music

some content error may occur - for avoiding any "content error" please run the nokia galery (which will make all the thumbs for your photos)

key features:

-multi-touch alternative for single-touch mobile devices (zoom/rotate/pan controls)
-chaos order (thumbs allover the screen, like a pile of real photos thrown on a table)
-photo grouping (make groups, add/remove photos to groups)
-kinetic movements
-autoscroll when drag photos
-autosave custom arrangement (groups and photo arrangements)
-only photos loaded (from folder images/camera)

-drag phoots, drag to margins of the screen to pan while dragging
-press the group button and then draw an area witch includes the photos you want to group; then name your group
-drag photos over a group to add them to a group
-enter a group by press&holding on a group icon (it will zoom in and eventualy enters the group)
-remove photos from group (press the ungroup button when in a group, and then pick photos, when finished press again the ungrup button to toggle of ungrouping)
-press delete button to delete photos (physicaly or logicaly)
-press&hold on a photo to zoomin and view; enters zoom/rotate/pan controls (the zoom/rotate/pan button activates automaticaly)
-when in zoom/rotate/pan mode, double tap to set an control point for zoom/rotate, then drag photo from another point to zoom/rotate; single tap the photo to go to pan mode

(recomanded to enter zoom/rotate controls with press/release/press/drag when double tap(press/release/press/release) is bugy and might not work afther first doube tap)

works on nokia 5800 with all updates (flash lite 3.1 and last firmware v51.0.006)

tested on n97 and doesn't work - don't have the phone much time, so I cannot fix the app for n97...

for questions, help and support please contact at: support@shpe.ro