added drifting & track graphics
download as an widget (with icon in apps)
- SYM and AIR control tunning; more tracks(maybe with online download); online highscores;
- online tracks - about 10Kb/track (update your list of tracks without installing again)
- online high-score
- maybe multi-player over internet

downloads so far:

developed in flashlite - the perfect developer environment for multimedia applications - what a phone need

it's a racing game

it is still demo

the main functions (3 way to control) are developed; still need more tunning...

TOUCH control: you touch the screen and the car goes where you touch; the further the touch the faster it gets
SYM control: hold the phone in landscape mode and drive like a wheel; touch the screen for gas
AIR control: hold your phone like on wall and drive on the wall; touch the screen for gas

for questions, help and support please contact at: