Frag Phones on Maps!

see HERE users around the globe plaing...


probably the first location based massive multi-player role play game (LBMMORPG) with phones - the new type of game/entertainment.

each player earn experience by virtually picking up items from vicinity of your locations (max 200m away), or do virtual jobs in your vicinity, or virtual shoot with other players in your vicinity, upgrade weapons, upgrade your skills, make friends to train with, and soon gang fight in weekends

Let's frag some!

Mostly outdoor game.
Your phone is your weapon!
You make frags when widget active and get closer to other game players (in real world) less that 50m.
If closer than 10m(meet the person) can make a shootout. While widget active, power ups, guns and tasks appear and you can take advantage of them in limited time.

-items can increase your experience, attack, defense, range. When pick up an item there is 2% chance to be something bad and take some of your skills.
-jobs are from different difficulties reported at your skills. The more difficult a job is the grater chances of completed it decrease, but once completed the skills gained are greater.
-you can fight with players or maybe train(chose NO to fight) if they are your friends. In a training you will not lose health, but the skills increase slower.
-you can attack a player only if is in your range!

*extreme use of this application could transform you in an outdoor person, and get you more friends.

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