7 Wonder Tools (7 in 1)
7 in 1 tools: max Bright flashLight, Leveler, Universal Converter(over 300 units), System Information, Anti-Human sound, universal Anti-Dog Sound, universal Anti-Mosquito sound.

Max Bright flashLight: white screen with RGB color chooser.
Leveler: with space theme and horizontal XY bubble.
Universal Converter: Angle, Area, Bits & Bytes, Density, Electric Current, Energy, Force, Fuel Consumption, Length, Mass, Power, Pressure, Speed, Temperature, Time, Volume.
System Information: watch with total/free memory space.
Anti-Human sound: anoing sound for humans.
Anti-dog sound: all in one (20KHz-30KHz).
Anti-Mosquito sound: all in one (17KHz-20KHz)

for questions, help and support please contact at: support@shpe.ro