Crush The Elements / Frog&fly / Top Face Likes / Touches / Text It / FREE Wi-Fi / where is Santa?
Crush The Elements
since the beginning of time there was basic element which forge the world as we know today
match elements and choose the right path to evolve through levels

frog catches flies
fun and addictive
more levels more fun
and if you want more turn on your GPS and go on maps to play in game spots!

Photo Top Likes
see beautiful photos or find out how good looking are yours
just connect to facebook to get votes and race to the top 
vote photos you like to get more points for your photo


A challenging game with over 30 levels, inspired by the speed of touch.
Be sharp with your senses and thouch fast with aim
Be accurate and complete levels
Be the best and compete with the world on in game-spots on maps.
May the speed be with you!

Text It!
texts on maps!
probably the first extrasocial on maps application!
interact with people outside your friends through messages left on locations.

check out where FREE WI-Fi hot-spots locations are!
contribute with your own discoveries and see more locations near you!

Where is Santa?
The app that prove Santa exists!
You can see where Santa has been seen. 
If you see it press the "HERE is Santa" button for the world to know Santa exists!

apps powered by  YOM! (YOM! made with Nokia HERE REST API - You On Maps!)

for questions, help and support please contact at: